Oh, for the love of: Pulaski Bridge bike lane construction delayed until 2016

Guess we'll be stuck taking the G for a little while longer. via StreetsBlog/DOT
Guess we’ll be stuck taking the G for a little while longer. via StreetsBlog/DOT

You know, we tried to be sympathetic the first time around. We talked to subcontractors in order to learn what it really takes to close down a bridge for construction. We gently left it out of our bridge rankings. We said hey, chin up folks, it’ll get done. Despite all that glass-half-full energy, StreetsBlog now reports that the construction of the Pulaski bridge’s bike lane has once again been pushed back, this time until Spring 2016. And this time, we’re fresh out of optimism.

According to StreetsBlog, Citibikes will now arrive on either side of the bridge’s pedestrian walkways before the lane’s completion, which will only make everything more cramped. Apparently, the DOT is blaming this round of delays on “drainage design” in the case of rainfall. So stay tuned this next week, guys, in case we call a plumber to find out just how drains work.

The last reported delay on the Pulaski had the bike lane slated for completion at the end of 2015. Now it’s another four months after that. I suppose that if next winter turns out to be anything like this last one, then you wouldn’t have been riding January thru March anyway? Sigh. That’s about the glass-half-fullest energy I can muster for this one.


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