Bad news cycle: Pulaski Bridge bike lane delayed until 2015

pulaski bridge
Dang it. via Flickr user Marjorie Lipan

Anyone who’s ever tried to ride their bike across the Pulaski Bridge, or is on the side of the angels in the bikes vs. cars war, had to be thrilled with the news came down that the Greenpoint/Long Island City connection was going to get a dedicated bike lane in 2014. Well, so much for that noise, because Streetsblog reports that the Department of Transportation still had the bike lane in the review phase. Looks like cyclists and pedestrians still have to have an “uncomfortably close to each other” party until then.

The good news, if there’s any, is that it’s not the bike lane itself that’s in the review phase, that’s still happening. Instead, the Comptroller’s office is reviewing the bid from the contractor doing the construction, which will be followed up by a bunch of meetings and then will run into the moratorium on construction over the holidays, according to an email from Joseph Lentol’s office that was sent to Streetsblog. So, we’re not seeing the bike lane until 2015. Really makes you pine for the days when Robert Moses just handed a contract to a politically-connected contractor and was done with it. Although, he’d probably be replacing the meager pedestrian and bike path the bridge already has with a car lane, so we’ll count our blessings.

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