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Sunday: musclemen will do crazy shit at the Coney Island Strongman show

Add another uniquely wacky Brooklyn event to the already massive to do list this weekend (see also: GoogaMooga, Litquake, etc.). On Sunday, May 20, the “world’s strongest men” will return to tear, bend and demolish their way through Coney Island for the first time in over 60 years.

The Olde Time Strongman Spectacular is a free and family-friendly festival of oddities and superhuman feats. Among the weighty lineup of buff body builders and sideshow staples is master escape artist Cardone who will perform his version of Houdini’s potentially deadly “milk can escape” in which he will attempt to escape while locked inside one of these filled with water. Stanley “Stanless Steel” Pleskun will display a death defying feat of strength as he has a pick-up truck drive over his torso (don’t forget to engage the core Stan!). Chris Rider will pull a full sized pick-up truck loaded with six cast members with his hair AND attempt to break the world record for phone book ripping (at least someone is still putting those things to good use). See the rest of the freakishly badass lineup here.


1:00 Baby Soda Band
1:45 Cardone’s milk can escape
2:00 Car and truck events
2:30 Stage Show Begins
5:00 VIP meet and greet in the Coney Island Museum for ticket holders (limited number of VIP tickets are available for $25 and include a signed souvenir event poster)
6:00 Coney Island Dancers sponsor the block party

Hey stachemeisters, don’t forget to pick up a limited edition souvenir tin of Count Justinian “Strongman Strength” Moustache Wax!

This dude will be there: Stanley "Stainless Steel" Pleskun, image courtesy of WSJ. online.


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