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The Brooklyn address farthest from a subway stop at least comes with a boat dock

Behold: complete, utter isolation. (Photo courtesy of I Quant NY)

This morning, I Quant NY released their ranking of Brooklyn neighborhoods in relation to subway distances. Greenpoint topped the list for having the most apartments the closest to the train, but bear in mind that train is the G. Can we even call the G a train? Is Greenpoint really close to a train at all?

According to I Quant NY though, “The five neighborhoods whose centers are farthest from the subway are Marine Park, Sea Gate, Bergen Beach, Mill Basin, and Mill Island.” And the least convenient home to find your number one spot for showtime dancers is (drumroll, please)…

2336 National Drive, in Mill Basin.

The property is featured above, and was said to be a “fisherman’s dream” in a 2012 listing I Quant NY dug up. And befitting that dream, it’s tricked out with its very own dock.

Fisherman’s dream or not, this house is a whopping 2.2 miles from the nearest train, a daily walk that would leave us soft-bodied land lubbers left for dead in a pile of garbage along the way. I guess this home could be the perfect solution if you’re looking to get all “On Walden Pond” but couldn’t bear forfeiting your Brooklynite status. Which, come on man, really? But we do hope you and your ironic sea captain getup find happiness in a corner of Brooklyn far, far away.

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