Coming soon to Sunset Park: Test tube meat

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Still gotta be better than McDonald’s

Brooklyn, as befitting its reputation as a place on the cutting edge, is always pushing the food envelope. Ramen burgersnude waitresses, 800 different varieties of locally-made bitters: all of these things confirm Brooklyn’s forward-thinking views on food. And soon Brooklyn might have one of the hottest food items in the world, with a lab-grown meat startup, Modern Meadows, looking to set up shop in Sunset Park. 

Crain’s reports that Modern Meadows is exploring leasing space in the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the same place that the Nets will be opening their practice facility next summer. So that’ll be one hell of a tour, we suppose. Modern Meadows was looking towards New York for our fashion sense actually, and not our adventurous attitude towards food, as lab-grown leather is an easier sell for the company and doesn’t require things like “FDA approval” and assurances that the fake meat won’t turn you into one of the monsters from Space Jam.

This means we’re more likely to see our more fashionable peers rocking Modern Meadows’ fake leather pants in the summer before we get the tours and tastings promised by Chief Executive Andras Forgacs. So while this isn’t quite a replacement for Foodswings, it’s a start.

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