Come say goodbye to Brokelyn’s food expert, Kenji Magrann-Wells tonight

He's living as he arrived: Talking excitedly about food.
He’s leaving as he arrived: Talking excitedly about food.

Saying goodbye is never easy, and we really hate doing it, because when people leave New York you can’t even be sure if they’re still even alive. Still, tonight, Brokelyn has to do it, because our own Kenji Magrann-Wells is saying goodbye to Brooklyn and to America, to go to Scotland and learn everything there is to learn about making whiskey. If you’re going to miss Kenji as much as we will, you can come say goodbye before he goes on his spirit quest, when he presents a lecture on molecularly gastronomy tonight at Nerd Nite at Littlefield.

In his three years with us, Kenji has proven himself to be so much more than just the tallest Brokelyn contributor of all time. He started with a post hyping up a Society for the Advancement of Social Studies night, but from that humble event write up sprang so much food-related wisdom that proved incredibly useful to the denizens of Broketown. Kenji told why you shouldn’t go to culinary school and how to get a bartending job, he taught you how to braise and the best cheap meats to buy, how to handle your herbs and bravely ate his way through Brooklyn’s barbecue restaurants to let you know which one was the best. Kenji has also been instrumental in running down the best jobs that New York City has to offer every other week, so if you got a job that you read about on Brokelyn, you should come out tonight and buy him a drink.

Were we ever really that young?
Were we ever really that young?

Kenji, who was deemed 80% authentically regressed for his cooking skills and tiny apartment, will be damn near impossible to replace, and while he’ll still be on the site to let you in on job openings in this great city of ours, we’ll miss seeing him here physically, towering over us and giving very tight hugs while lifting us closer to his height. Goodbye, you tall beautiful bastard, the Scots don’t know how lucky they are.

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