Now Hiring in BK: YouTube, Citi Bike and 5 more cool places

google ny office
Want to work in Google’s weird neon office? Well maybe you can via Google

Welcome, Brokelyners, to another adventure in the magical world of employment! Here are some of our favorite picks from the wild world of hiring in New York, since although that kombucha starter rental business is obviously going to take off any day now, it’s usually nice to have some spending cash to throw around at things like “rent” and “food.”

At this point in time, working for Google has become so obviously amazing that even Vince Vaughn’s drug-addled brain was able to recognize it as the best place ever. That being said, if you’re looking to ride slides to work, enjoy mandatory ice cream parties and ride zebras everywhere (or whatever else they get to do), put your basic office skills to use as an Administrative Assistant for that website used exclusively for videos of cats, or as it’s better known, YouTube.

If you’ve used the word “fierce” to describe your blogging technique, this may be the position for you. Rent the Runway, an internet start-up that rents chic (and normally expensive) designer clothes to normals, is looking for someone creative, detail-oriented, and vaguely experienced in the world of writing things online to manage all their social media, and if you think you can do it, well, make it work.

Do you have more than a few trees tattooed on your body? Do you wish you could talk more about the serious danger that Mother Earth is in, but whenever you bring it up at parties, people end up leaving to get more drinks? Well, then here’s the job for you: Huffington Post is looking for a new contributor to their Green section, which covers everything environmental, climate, and energy-related. If that sounds like exactly what you’d like to write about, or even just in the ballpark, feel free to apply, since the job is technically a “fellowship” (which means extended trial period, but you do get paid), just remember to keep your green thumb on the pulse if it’s a job you’d like to keep.

Harri is a site designed to let people in the service industry interact and find jobs, so where does a site designed to find people jobs advertise a job? Turns out, Craigslist, and this sweet position marketing the website to the New York restaurant scene can be yours for a mere college degree and some computer savvy. If you’ve got experience with websites and social media, and you’re looking to get onto the ground floor of one of them “internet millionaire” success stories, this could very well be the place for you. Plus, you know their break room has bomb snacks.

Recipe-sharing website Cookstr is hiring an Editorial Assistant, so if your three favorite things are “cooking,” “writing,” and “worshiping our new computer overlords,” then you should probably apply now. The job involves many different kinds of tasks, so it’s definitely for the type-A “it DOES need to be perfect, actually” people out there. The tasks themselves include editing copy, managing a social presence, writing and being chummy with various authors, so you’ll have to be able to keep a straight face around Batali and not laugh at his dumb shoes.

Want to help tourists uneasily mount bicycles, and explain to them how to avoid getting run over by taxis a minute later? If so, Citi Bike has a job just for you. Those blue bombers flying all over the city’s bike lanes are looking for an Outreach Ambassador to get people acquainted with their brand/teach foreigners how not to get flattened. Of course, the job is seasonal-only, so if you’re looking for some quick summertime cash and some ripped calves to go with it, get pedaling.

Look, I’d hate to stereotype, and I know you’re tired of hearing it but, come on, you can’t get a job with the Fine Arts Degree, can you? Well, turns out that the haters are wrong, since fancypants art gallery Waterhouse & Dodd is looking for a Gallery Assistant. An art degree is definitely required, and they wouldn’t say no to a little experience, but as long as you’ve got a love of art and both your legs are the same length (you’ll be asked to hang pictures straight), then this opportunity is definitely worth a shot. Just remember, sending in a blank piece of paper and calling it a “post-modern” resume is frowned upon.

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