These pre-sale tickets could be yours if ‘The Price is Right!’

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If you missed your chance last year to fly to Cali and compete on The Price is Right, you’ve probably been in a blue funk since, trying to find your own prices at the bottom of bourbon bottles. But now’s your chance to sober up and make Bob Barker proud by showing Drew Carey Todd Newton what for. The Price is Right Live! Vegas show is coming to White Plains on May 29th as part of its national tour. So this is the closes you might ever come to spinning the big wheel, and you might be able to spin it for free.

The Westchester County Center, Westchester County’s answer to the Vienna State Opera House, is offering a pre-sale of tickets until 10pm today. All you need to do is enter the “Friends”  promo code PRICE29 on this page and you’re set to be a happy little yodeler. Miss the pre-sale? There are still tickets after the pre-sale ones vanish. If you don’t have $60 to drop on tickets, you can also register for a chance to play on the show and get free entry. Just submit your credentials to this terrifying online application by May 28th and you could become White Plains’ newest price picker.

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