Clinton Hill/ Fort Greene

Clinton Hill is getting a flea market to call its own

clinton hill flea
Soon this empty lot will fill the emptiness inside you, with stuff. via Fort Greene Focus

Flea markets, everyone wants one! Fresh on the heels of Crown Heights getting the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market, here comes word from Fort Greene Focus that Clinton Hill is getting a bread-based flea market, the Clinton Hill Flea. Well, maybe not bread-based, since it’s not like you’ll be able to pay for things like bread, but the Clinton Hill Flea at least seems to have an emphasis on bread.

The Clinton Hill Flea is the brainchild of Suzette Lavalle, who has previous flea market experience from being involved in the Park Slope flea market before the Brooklyn Flea took it over. It will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 6pm, and be located at 892 Fulton Street. Lavalle told Fort Greene Focus that the Clinton Hill market will differ from its rivals in the competitive, cutthroat world of flea marketing by involving Heartland Brewery and Biegel’s Bakery to sell beer and bread to shoppers, along with your usual flea market tchotchkes.

On the one hand, we feel like that starch-heavy strategy could result in people no wanting to move around too much while they’re shopping. On the other hand it could also make people slow and dumb and more liable to buy stuff that they’re not even sure they need. We didn’t go to business school or anything, but that sounds pretty smart to us. Anyway, we can find out how well the strategy works when the Clinton Hill Flea opens later this month.

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