Crown Heights

Crown Heights is getting a new flea market this weekend, the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market

brooklyn pop up market
They’re coming for the Flea. via Facebook

The Brooklyn Flea might be the most well-known flea market in Brooklyn these days, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the only game in town. Just one neighborhood over, in Crown Heights, a new flea market called the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market is opening this weekend on Atlantic Avenue, with 50 vendors, food trucks, and if an interview with Fort Greene Focus is to be believed, cheaper prices.

The Brooklyn Pop-Up Market will be open at 1072 Atlantic Avenue every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm, from June 28 through October 26. It’s a new option for people who are sick of crossing north of Atlantic Avenue, which we bet there’s a few of you, since everyone’s all about hyperlocal stuff these days anyway. The Pop-Up Market will have a mix of vendors offering everything from abstract landscape paintings to raw chocolate, tie-dyed clothing to handmade soap. Plus, food trucks the Cinnamon Snail, Valducci’s and Big D’s Grub truck will be hanging out.

Pop-Up Market founder Misty Lynn McCauley told the Fort Greene Focus that what would differentiate this market from the Flea was that it would be cheaper for vendors, which would also be reflected in the prices. Oh, and also there’s going to be a giant mural that’s painted by artist Riisa Boogie Tochigi live at the mural. So if you love art, you love vegan food trucks or you love cheap handmade stuff (well, not cheap, just not expensive), check out the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market one of these weekends.

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