Craigslist freebie of the day: A ratty little home

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rats off to ya!

What turns you from a run-of-the-mill rat enthusiast into a true rat lurver? I’d guess it’s probably a lot like with drug use: it’s the procurement and maintenance of official¬†paraphernalia¬†that separates the pros from the amateurs. If you so choose to cross this line, take note: a Craigslister on the border of Bushwick and Queens lost their beloved pet rat last week, so now they’re giving away a 10-gallon aquarium, unused animal bedding, unused lab blocks (food), some chew sticks and a water bottle cage. The owner says they’d prefer it go to a good home, which probably means the kind of home free of rodent infestation. Hey, wait, I … oof. But maybe you can turn your pestenemies into your Pest Friends Forever?

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