Have Christmas on Mars and 7 other free ways to spend the week

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Just a totally normal Christmas from some totally normal dudes.

1. The world got you a Christmas gift: kosher pop-up barbecue in Crown Heights. Who are you to turn it down? (Monday)

2. It’s never a bad time for a Coen brothers movie and it’s never a bad time for frontier justice, so check out True Grit at Huckleberry (Monday)

3. The Flaming Lips investigate what the holiday spirit is like on the fourth rock from the sun with their movie Christmas on Mars, screening at Videology (Monday)

4. Twin Peaks never had a Christmas special, so The Exley’s Twin Peaks Tuesdays will just be showing a regular episode. Just as well, David Lynch should stay far, far away from Christmas (Tuesday)

5. It might be Christmas, but that’s no reason to not get involved in a ukelele jam, right? Right. So head down to Lulu’s for their X-Mas A-Go-Go: Christmas Cabaret (Wednesday)

6. Celebrate the reason for the season, Mr. James Brown himself, at Union Pool’s James Brown Memorial Soul Shakin’ Party (Thursday)

7. A screening of Serial Mom will remind you that your mom could always be worse (better?): she could be a serial killer (Friday)

8. The final Head On of the year will feature 2003 and 2013 fighting it out for your dance approval. It’s gonna be weird how many artists show up in both years (Friday)

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