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Choose your own Brooklyn: A King’s County mini job interview adventure

Maybe your choices will land you in Coney, like the old Hannah Horvath. Original photo via Michael Tapp on flickr, edited by Sam Corbin
Maybe your choices will land you in Coney, like Hannah Horvath. via Michael Tapp (Flickr), edited by Sam Corbin

With this recent mess of blizzards, dashed lottery hopes, beloved celebrity deaths and the looming tax season ahead, it sure is shaping up to be a pretty miserable February. These days, even Canada is feeling the squeeze.

But you know what’s always free and easy? Escapism. And if nothing else, using your imagination to dream of a better tomorrow is a lot healthier than wallowing in the sad of today. In that spirit, inspired by our friends who wrote the Choose Your Own Misery series, we’ve put together a clickable mini-adventure called ‘Choose your own Brooklyn.’ Scroll through a series of either-or options in various scenarios, and watch as your morning commute to a dream job interview devolves into madness. Will you get the job? Choose, and find out.

Page 1: You wake up with a terrible hangover and realize you’re not in your own bed. Oh no, you told yourself you wouldn’t sleep with this Greenpoint blizzard boyfriend again, and you have to go an interview in Park Slope for your dream job. You don’t want to face this guy, but you also can’t find your phone. What do you do?

If you want to ghost like Swayze, go to page 2.
If you want to find your phone before leaving, go to go to page 3. 

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