Check out this short documentary on the ‘Stop Telling Women To Smile’ project

Stop Telling Women To Smile from Dean Peterson on Vimeo.

A little while back, we told you about an effort to map catcalls made at women in Bed-Stuy, and illustrated it with a picture from¬†Tatyana¬†Fazlalizadeh’s “Stop Telling Women To Smile” street art series. You may have even seen the posters around town and wondered what they were. If you didn’t know about it, the above short documentary from Dean Peterson features¬†Fazlalizadeh talking about the inspiration for the project and the way she goes about it, but more importantly lets a couple of the women featured on the projects posters to tell their stories. The woman at the end who says her message for guys on the street is “I’m not here for you. The fucking end” sums things up nicely.

stop telling women to smile


    • Vonetta

      @Greg – “Being offended by every little thing” is one thing, being harassed and intimidated is another. How about we have the expectation that men control themselves and not speak to someone who doesn’t want to engage in conversation with them.

      If we’re not smiling, it’s generally for a reason!

    • teenygozer

      Women aren’t “offended by every little thing”, we’ve actually been remarkably forbearing for years (and years and years), but enough is enough. I get that some of you guys are put out because your fav targets are finally pushing back, but you’re going to have to stop being offended by every little thing when we point out that we didn’t ask you to bug us and you can stop now. If you have a sister, my heart goes out to her: I bet you were the “I’m not touching you! Why are you getting angry, I’m not touching you!” brother!

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