Cheapest dry-cleaners in Park Slope? Anyone?

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When a reader asks for tips on the cheapest way to do this or that around town, we like to open it up to everyone. There are always a few of you with some great ideas on throwing that cheap dance party, and all the neighborly helpfulness makes everyone feel good. Well, today, we came across a request for cheap services we couldn’t resist, and it wasn’t even directed here. FiPS sent out a call from a reader looking for the cheapest dry-cleaners in Park Slope: “I’m broke, but I don’t want to be dirty! Any ideas?” The dirty brokester’s call has gone unanswered so far, so we put it to you to help her out: Any suggestions for cheap dry-cleaners in the Slope? Comment away.

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  1. It’s not Park Slope, so I’m aware it’s not really helpful, but there is an awesomely cheap one RIGHT next to the Montrose stop on the L train. It’s on the corner of Montrose and Bushwick and I recently got 4 shirts, 2 skirts, a silk dress and a jacket cleaned for $30. They are quick and friendly and do a great job.

    Sorry to be O/T.

  2. I think its funny that white chicks with money are doing a blog about being broke. You bitches need to stop frontin’

    • Deeznuts, mofo. I love that you representin, but you got to stop using my name brah! The real Deeznuts is the only Deeznuts.

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