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You can buy a $3 pack of cigarettes in BK

Photo via Sheepshead Bites

If there’s a DIY project that can be capitalized upon, it’ll eventually show up in Brooklyn, especially if it feeds an expensive addiction for barely $3. The borough’s first roll-your-own cigarettes store opened last week, Sheepshead Bites reports. Like Build-A-Bear for carcinogens, customers stuff empty cigarette tubes with rolling tobacco using on-site machines. This new concept store (which we first talked about here) circumvents federal and local taxes, offering customers a miraculous $3.25 pack of cigarettes, all without visiting the dodgy cheap-cigarette bodegas or driving out to a reservation. But is it legal?

City Smokes (not an obvious South Park reference) opened at 2695 Coney Island Ave., much to the consternation of the tax man. The city is currently suing two other RYO stores in the city for tax evasion. But until the courts determine the fate of this loophole, Brooklynites can enjoy cheap, “healthier” cigarettes (as a City Smokes employee told The Daily News).

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