Cheap meals abound for Grand Street Restaurant Week

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Enjoy a $25 three-course meal at Williams & Bailey this week. via Facebook

Grand Street is more than a big street in Williamsburg that isn’t Metropolitan Avenue. It’s a thriving block all its own, and might even be better than Metropolitan because it had a bike lane. If you need a better reason to enjoy the block than that, how about the chance to get a $10 two-course lunch or a $25 three-course dinner, which you can get this week during Grand Street Restaurant Week.

Since it’s not like Restaurant Week is ever going to acknowledge Brooklyn’s existence, we say people should jump at the offers on the table for Grand Street’s own version of the food deals.¬†Mahzen Grill (739 Grand), Cafe Chillo (702), Curry Heaven (513), Grand Morelos(727), Los Primos (704) and the Sandwich Shop (658A) are all offering both two-course lunches and three-course dinners, while Bahia (690), Desy’s Clam Bar (562), Lily Thai (615), Ooba (617), The Grand Bar and Grill (647) and Williams & Bailey (507) are offering just the dinner.

The food deals started today and will run through Sunday, February 23, and of course, it’s for sit-down meals only. Unlike Delivery Week, this is about going to discover new restaurants and their atmosphere, not staying home in your sweatpants.

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