Delivery Week: Restaurant Week without leaving the apartment or office

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Why leave to eat at Janelle’s when it can come to you? via Caribbean American Cuisine & Bar

Miss Restaurant Week? We can’t imagine why, since they always pretend we don’t exist. But OK, we’ll grant you that a deal is a deal. But what if Restaurant Week could come to you? Would you not leave the house for two weeks? We’re about to find out, because from today until June 16, Seamless is rolling out Delivery Week, a Restaurant Week-like prix-fixe from participating restaurants that will bring the food to you.

Participating restaurants are offering either a $12.50 lunch deal or $25 dinner deal of two or three courses. Of course, if you want in, make sure you go though the Delivery Week portal so that the Delivery Week option shows up on the menu.  Then just pick the prix-fixe lunch or dinner and voila, cheap food on the way to your door.

While the selections in Brooklyn leave a little to be desired, with only seven restaurants to choose from, we know that plenty of you work in Manhattan. And fortunately, there are lunch options there, split into Uptown, Midtown and Downtown. Or dinner ones too, we guess, if you’re stuck in the office working on hot stock things or hideously evil mortgage schemes whatever it is people do in Manhattan. Something about wearing suits, right?

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