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Restaurant Week continues its tradition of ignoring Brooklyn

The $38 is really paying for the radish cut like a rose. Photo via NYC Go.
The $38 is really paying for the radish cut like a rose. Photo via NYC Go.

Today marks the beginning of NYC Restaurant Week, the inaccurately named three-week-long biannual food frenzy in which New York restaurants offer prefixe lunch and dinner menus at the low, low prices of $25 and $38, respectively. And while diners prepare to celebrate the sweeping array of culinary accomplishments that New York City has to offer, we can’t help but notice that Brooklyn has been snubbed. Again.

Here we our in our slums of low culture, languishing in the streets for want of poached something or braised something else, our dilapidated restaurants cast aside from NYC Restaurant Week for failing to meet the simple task of charging too much for food and calling it a discount.

We felt the burn this past summer when a grand total of zero Brooklyn eateries made it onto the list, but this time we must have done something right to catch their attention. Yes, we are proud to announce that this time around, Brooklyn made it on to the list…twice.

Bay Ridge’s Greenhouse Café and Park Slope’s Benchmark Restaurant will be representing our fine borough to curious diners for the next three weeks. Should we regard them as traitors (who even cares about being on a stupid fancy list anyway?) or egg them on as they sauté their way to the top? Probably the latter, since Brooklyn obviously has a ton to offer beyond these two joints, and if anyone ever gets around to noticing it, we’ll have the satisfaction of having known all along.

So, that’s fine. We don’t care. When the Restaurant Week diners finally make it across the bridge, we’ll be here lining up at our cash-only food carts wondering what the hell took everyone so long.


  1. Melissa

    I’m pretty sure the restaurants themselves volunteer to participate in RW, so it’s not like NYC is purposely neglecting or rejecting them.

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