Celebrate Brooklyn DIY, and 18 more ways to have a raucous weekend

You will not regret seeing the Regrets (#)
You won’t regret partying with the Regrets (#12) (pic by Max Branigan)

1. Go back in time at the Brooklyn Historical Society—for free this evening only. (Friday, FREE)

2. Support the great work of Interference Archive with a benefit party at Verso Books, which will include a silent auction of “social movement ephemera.” (Friday, $20)

3. Dance the night away at Zodiack: Scorpio Boxxx in the basement of the Idio Gallery, replete with “carnal performances,” gritty music, and sensual visuals. (Friday, $5 // Scorpios free)

4. Celebrate the Roots Poetry Series’ first birthday, with readings from sixteen different excellent poets. (Friday, FREE)

5. Attend a benefit for the Silent Barn at Acheron, with Blessed Thistle, Sickness, Oneirogen, and Long Distance Poison. (Friday, $10)

6. Go all the way with Wasabassco Burlesque at the Way Station, with performances by Legs Malone, Evelyn Vinyl, Nasty Canasta, and more. (Friday, $20)

7. Let the animation wash over you at Cartoon Monsoon, a cavalcade of shorts presented by comedians Joe Rumrill and Mary Houlihan. (Friday, $5)

8. Do some good with your dollars at Bay Ridge’s Empty Bowls: buy a bowl made by a local artisan, and the proceeds will go to the community food pantry at the Fourth Ave Presbyterian Church. (Saturday, $25/bowl)

9. Get a ton of cruelty-free deliciousness at the Vegan Shop-Up—with plenty of yummies to take to any Thanksgiving meal you may be going to soon. (Saturday, FREE)

10. See a showcase at Backdrop art space, with music, poetry, video, and visual art. (Saturday, $10 suggested)

11. Dodge the Demon Barber at Muchmore’s, where Brooklyn Theater Club performs an immersive, audience-participation version of Sweeney Todd. (Saturday, $15)

12. Prove that DIY will never die at Aviv’s first birthday party, with performances from nine bands, including Harmonica Lewinskis, The Regrets, Parlor Walls, and more. (Saturday, $8)

13. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about boy bands at Drunk TED Talks’ Quit Playing Games With Our Art. (Saturday, $5)

14. Cycle through lots of emotions at Feeling Gloomy’s Cheer Up Bowie, with DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom, a Bowie cake, a Bowie singalong, and more. (Saturday, FREE)

15. Take in a daytime flick at BAM’s Turkeys for Thanksgiving series—films that flopped when released but grow more fascinating with hindsight. Today is The Wizard of Oz. (Sunday, $10)

16. Save your appetite for the Brooklyn Chili Takedown at the Royal Palms, with up to 30 different slops to try. (Sunday, $20)

17. Or drink your lunch instead at the Bearded Lady, where Lithology Brewing and Tinyfield Rooftop Farm will be launching their collaborative Tinyfield Ale. (Sunday, FREE)

18. Show how much you love kittehs at the Felines of New York book launch, with comedic performances by Todd Hanson, Maeve Higgins, Mike Polk, and many more. (Sunday, $10)

19. Get wild as the wind at Bar Matchless’ Nina Simone Tribute Night, featuring eight different musical acts curated by Hypnocraft and Emefe. (Sunday, FREE)

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