The Brooklyn Museum is hosting showtime dancers in a fake subway car this weekend

So it's like your morning commute, but it smells better and you won't get kicked in the face. Via flickr user Dan Nguyen
Like your morning commute, but smells better and you won’t get kicked in the face. Via flickr user Dan Nguyen

It’s the worst catchphrase in Brooklyn. “It’s showtime!” You’ve practically choreographed a signature eye-roll for every time it happens. And with good reason: because here you are, just trying to get from A to B on a quiet train ride, and all of a sudden someone is blasting music and nearly kicking you in the face on a speeding suwbay train. But this weekend, you can watch a bonafide subway performance from a safe distance! DNA info reports that the Brooklyn Museum’s latest exhibit will feature live showtime dancers on Sunday, in an exhibit called “Public Disruption/Private Powers.”

The exhibit will evoke a standard NYC subway car interior, with an installation that includes dividers and poles, according to DNA info. There’ll be 10-minute performances every half hour by the street dance troupe WeLiveThis (whose documentary feature you might have caught at the Tribeca Film Festival last month). Hey, how about that, a showtime performance that you’re actually watching voluntarily.

Other features of the exhibit include “paying” to ride the “subway” by writing your hopes and dreams on a MetroCard-shaped piece of paper (and if it reads insufficient fare, you’re not dreaming big enough, kid). It’s an interactive installation, so you can still get as close to the dancers as you want to. Maybe you’ve got a friend in town you want to introduce to the harrowing, injury-threatening experience of your daily commute? Tell ’em to get nice and close.

The installation will run 12:30-3pm on Sunday, May 17. Tickets to the exhibit are free with museum admission. And you know what gets you free museum admission? Yep, that handy NYC ID card. You might not be able to snag one in time to breeze into this Sunday’s show free of charge, but we highly recommend it if you want to catch more one-off novelty’s like “Showtime!” this weekend.

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