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BYKlyn invites you to take a free week of spinning classes

The bikes are waiting for you. via Facebook

Now that “spring” has “arrived” and everyone you know is talking about how much they love riding bikes in Prospect Park, you have a couple options: (1) Finally buy a bike, or (2) Practice your bike riding skills by taking a spin class. If the latter option is more up your alley — and who among us isn’t more motivated, when being shouted at? —  then you might be interested in a week of free (free!) spin classes at BYKlyn Cycling & Fitness.

BYKlyn is a new cycle and spin studio opening up at 258 Flatbush Avenue, between St. Marks and Prospect Place, in Prospect Heights. To celebrate, they’re offering a week of free classes from April 26 through April 30. With their newbie spin classes coming in at $10 per class and their normal classes coming in at $26 per class, that’s a pretty good deal. If you’re into all that cycling and not getting anywhere. All you need to do is create a user account, then reserve a spot here, and you can get a little more in shape in case spring actually does start. 

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