Buy a piece of D.I.Y history this weekend at the Market Hotel tag sale

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Just try not to think of how covered in sweat everything is. via Facebook

For people of a certain age, the Market Hotel was the ultimate DIY venue in Brooklyn. Maybe even in the world. Well, OK, maybe that’s a little bit of an overstatement. Still, the Market Hotel was really cool, and was shut down too early by Bloomberg’s fun police. They’re cleaning things out there now, and will be having a tag sale this weekend, so maybe you can own a thing that you sat on looking bored because you thought that made you look cool.

Since the Market Hotel was shuttered, there’s been an ongoing effort to re-open it as an all ages community art space. Of course, you need room for something like that, hence, selling off some old cool but unnecessary items. There’s not much info about what they’ll be selling exactly, just that the sale will go down on Saturday from noon to 8pm. But this is a place where everyone from Wavves to your friend’s band that you went to see out of obligation played at, so they’ve bound to have collected some sweet memorabilia in their five years.

It’s a shame they can’t sell the creepy eye paint walls that led to the bathroom. But it’s good they can’t sell the crushing sense of disappointment I had from the combination of a bad date and Surfer Blood singing so off-key as to be offensive. Uh, anyway, happy shopping!

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