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Tonight: The release party for Bushwick-based short story collection ‘Bushwick Nightz’

bushwick night
It’s Bushwick, it’s night, you know the deal. via Flickr user D. Robert Wolcheck

Ask five people to describe Bushwick to you and you’ll probably get five different responses. Gentrified playland, the place where the garbage lives, the “next Williamsburg,” art mecca, home — Bushwick is all of those and more. Now we’ve got Bushwick Nightz, a book of short stories, the neighborhoods many facets. Tonight at 8pm at Loft 45 (411 Troutman Street), Bushwick Daily and Catpolis are hosting a big book launch party for the short story collection, and you’re invited. 

In the book’s stories, Bushwick is portrayed fully in its beauty, ugliness, poverty, art and sexiness. It covers everything people talk about when they get into the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood and its culture clashes. Hipsters and yuppies, natives, Puerto Ricans and wannabes all get a spotlight in the collection of stories.

The discussion & reading is at 8:30-9:30pm and the first 75 of you who buy a book will get a FREE glass of champagne. If you can’t make it to the party but still want to grab a copy, the book is available at The Strand, Spoonbill & Sugartown, Better Than Jam and will soon be in stock at Molasses and Bluestockings. Oh, and on Amazon (booooo hisssss).

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