Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Bushwick is getting its own version of Smorgasburg

It’ll be like this, but in an abandoned lot. So, more authentic. via Flickr user Steel Wool

This is how it goes. You give a neighborhood a market full of handmade and vintage goods, they’ll figure, “Hey, why don’t we also throw some food in this? People love food.” So, per that “give a mouse a cookie” logic, now that ‘Shwick has woven itself into the fabric of Bushwick, they’re interested in expanding it to include what’s being described as “a mini-Smorgasburg” by Bushwick Daily. Next up, ‘Shwick Philadelphia?

The ‘Shwick food market would be smaller than Smorgasburg, since organizers told Bushwick Daily the plan is to host it in a lot behind the market’s location at 6 Charles Place, starting on the weekend of April 18. It would have space for 30 food vendors though, in an attempt to “bring new food options to the neighborhood,” according to ‘Shwick. Which, if you want to be one of the 30 food vendors making money off a captive audience, means you don’t have to be local to Bushwick to get picked. You can apply here if you’re slinging food that can’t be beat, and we suggest getting in on the ground floor. After all, you never know when it blows up and Martha Stewart is suddenly seen wandering around.

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