Bushwick is getting its own community rezoning plan this summer

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Will Bushwick still look like this? It could if you want it to. via Flickr user Chris Ford

Hey Bushwick, were you jealous when City Council representatives asked Gowanus for input on how it should develop in the future? Makes sense, considering the gold rush going down in your neighborhood. Well cheer up! According to DNA Info, you’re getting your own version of Bridging Gowanus, in which you can fight with your neighbors about land density and residential vs. commercial zoning, starting in July. Just lobby for a more original name than “Bridging Bushwick.”

The meetings are being put together by councilmen Antonio Reynoso, the hot shot young city councilman who knocked off Vito Lopez, and Rafael Espinal and should start sometime in July. Reynoso’s staff who talked to DNA Info said the meeting was happening to educate Bushwick residents that they can ask for concessions from developers and to make sure community members don’t get steamrolled in the face of new development. Reynoso said that The Department of City Planning will take community-based rezoning ideas into account, so if you want to have a say in the future of Bushwick looking like more than cheap Williamsburg high-rises and malls, you can contact Kevin Worthington, the Bushwick and Ridgewood organizer at Reynoso’s office for the dates of the meetings.

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