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Bushwick Coffee Shop, whose owner called Jews ‘greedy infiltrators,’ closes

bushwick cofffee shop
Ground up by bad publicity. Photo by David Colon

For all of the many, many places in Brooklyn that closed last year, there was one that remained open despite enormous controversy. The Bushwick Coffee Shop, despite its owner using the shop’s Instagram account to call Jews “greedy infiltrators” whose culture has an “Illuminati sensibility” seemed to weather the storm. But for once, promises on social media that someone’s business would go under came true, as the place threw in the towel quietly at the end of 2014 Bushwick residents told DNA Info.

Beyond the fact that there’s a sign saying that it closed temporarily and will open “under new management” in the spring, when all rebirth happens out of dead things, there isn’t much known about the Bushwick Coffee Shop’s closure. One former customer who went unnamed said they felt bad for owner Michael Avila and that they felt his “heart was in the right place” and that Avila was just misunderstood. Which, yeah, we could see why you wouldn’t want to be connected to that quote on the internet forever. In the mean time, we suppose Bushwick residents will have to console themselves with all these other coffee shops.

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