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Oh crap, you guys: blog commenters have taken to the streets! Our friend Hannah Maxfield spotted this around N. 7th and Berry in Williamsburg yesterday.

The tiny text on the bottle says “Triple Gentrified,” in case you can’t read it. Which is of course a spoof on these Bushmills ads. Up next we expect to see a spoof ad of this movie poster, with the words “THE TRANSPLANTER,” in which some clever photoshop person tells people to GO BACK TO OHIO because, obviously, only people born in Brooklyn have a right to live here, even if the transplants are Statham cool.

UPDATE: Reader Laura Vogel spotted another one on the Jefferson L subway:


  1. vargirl55

    To address the sarcastic comment made by Tom Donnelly. No you don’t have to be from Brooklyn to live here, just don’t be a self absorbed prick that looks down at the natives and causes the soul of a neighborhood to dissipate. Not that gentrification is bad, a little is actually good, its when it become rampant to the detriment of the original culture that it begins to suck. NY used to be a place that you needed stamina to survive, not you’re parents checkbook. That said, awesome ad.

      • vargirl55

        Apparently what I had to say has affected those that feel the need to be petty in their replies. Thank you, my job is done. And luckily, I don’t have a significant other. Too passionate I think. Bad grammar turns the trustafarians and pedantic off. Thanks Teeny :)

    • vargirl55 gets the point of the poster. Obviously people, especially creative people, migrating to New York are a huge part of what makes the culture here and is a huge part of the history and hopefully its future. But, I have to agree the self absorbed trust fund babies driving up rent artificially and pushing out all the original culture and history of the neighborhoods are a different breed entirely. We finally bailed out of Bushwick after a big wave of people moved in and had utter disrespect for the local residents and business owners, actually going so far as to mock them to their faces. Not that everyone who moves there is like that, but it seems to be the rampant trend unfortunately, and for that reason I find the poster completely accurate and not offensive.

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