Bushwick bars facing a midnight bedtime on Sundays

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Heavy Woods: innocent watering hole or neighborhood peace destroyer? via Facebook

Every good drinker knows that Sunday is the last call of the weekend. It starts innocently enough: a Bloody Mary at brunch to ward off Saturday’s hangover, and for us champs, it continues late into the night and maybe even into Monday. Who doesn’t deserve a last hurrah before the weekend’s over? But times they are a-changin’, and it looks like booze spots in Bushwick will be facing a midnight curfew on Sundays if they want to keep their licenses.

DNAInfo reports that Community Board 4 is sick of those damn kids and their late-night carousing, and are trying to get some peace and quiet in Bushwick. On Sundays anyway. So their solution is telling new bars, and bars seeking to renew their licenses, that the only way they can legally sell booze is if they send everyone home at midnight on Sundays. Well, technically, if they stop selling booze after midnight, but who’s gonna hang around a bar drinking soda?

The rule is in response to the growing bar scene following the growing population, and the fact that no one likes to hear drunks stumbling around and shouting the lyrics to the latest Taylor Swift single (no, not even ironically) – especially on a Sunday. Bar owners were understandably upset about the whole thing, calling the rule arbitrary and saying it would hurt their business, and pointing out that they make most of their money after midnight. And we concur. Not only because hanging out a bar until an ungodly hour of the early morning is one of the best parts about living in Brooklyn, but also because you need time to mourn the end of your weekend. And midnight on Sunday is just too early to say goodbye.

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