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Bushwick is getting a rock climbing gym next year

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We really hope they bring the blimp. via Facebook

Ever since they lost their parkour gym, the people of Bushwick have had a dearth of alternative fitness options. Frankly, it’s amazing the neighborhood managed to get voted the 7th coolest neighborhood in the world after that. There’s good news for people who want to work out without lifting or hitting a treadmill though, because Bushwick Daily has the news that a new climbing gym is coming to Bushwick next year.

Bushwick’s climbing gym won’t be an expansion of Brooklyn Boulders, like you might have assumed. Instead, it’s going to be the New York debut of New England-based climbing gym MetroRock Climbing Centers. The Bushwick branch of MetroRock is going to be part of a larger entertainment complex at 321 Starr Street, but despite the above rendering, a branch of The Whiskey Brooklyn isn’t a guarantee, as Bushwick Daily reports that MetroRock is the only guaranteed tenant of the complex at this point.

metrorock climbing centers
Yep, that’s a climbing gym. via Facebook


The gym, which will have a rope climbing wall that’s 45 feet tall as well as bouldering walls and a yoga room, will take most of the space in the complex, with a representative from MetroRock telling us that it will take 45% of the space at 321 Starr. If everything goes according to plan, the gym is set to open in the spring of 2016. According to Bushwick Daily, the climbing prices at the Bushwick location will be similar to the prices at the Boston location, where it’s $22 for a day of climbing with $10 for equipment rental and $825 for an annual membership.

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