Build a little birdhouse in your soul and 18 other weekend ideas

This is John and that's John and they've got a secret to tell: they might be giants. via Facebook
This is John and that’s John and they’ve got a secret to tell: they might be giants. via Facebook

1. FAB Friday at Putnam Triangle Plaza has something for everyone: kids games, a dance party, a beloved documentary about NYC pickup basketball, arts and crafts. If you don’t like any of those, we don’t know what to tell you (Friday)

2. Two estranged brothers try to sell their dead dad’s lakehouse. Misadventures (and probably passive aggressiveness) ensue, in Rooftop Films’ screening of Awful Nice (Friday)

3. Shaggy is playing a show at Prospect Park! But if anyone asks who told you that…it wasn’t me (Friday)

4. You’ve got two more days to grab deals on old LPs at the Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives, so get that Ronald Reagan spoken word before some other lousy irony lover does (Friday – Saturday)

5. Mellow Pages is hosting an honest-to-god play in their space, about domestic squabbles. There’s no crying over spilled milk, but there is cursing and declarations that “this marriage isn’t working”! (Friday – Sunday)

6. The Ice Cream Club is a club where people who make their own ice cream bring it to the Brooklyn Brainery because they make too much and want to share it……sorry, we just died from happiness (Saturday)

7. The Vegan Shop-Up is back to try to make August, one of the less popular months of the year, a little more beloved. Good luck, folks (Saturday)

8. It’s Coney Island History Day, so glue on your Snidely Whiplash mustache and study up on megaphone crooners so you know how to act down there (Saturday)

9. Brooklyn Fireproof is hosting a 12-hour pop-up roller skating rink, but don’t try to be a tough guy and roller skate for 12 hours (actually do itttt) (Sunday)

10. Engage in the, let’s see, 456th most popular American activity: pretending to watch soccer at the Red Bulls viewing party at Brooklyn Bridge Park. No hooliganism you guys (Saturday)

11. See a documentary on vile sub-human stain upon the Earth Morton Downey Jr. Don’t believe us? Look up any of his clips (Saturday)

12. Shop while enjoying an open bar and try not to have the open bar effect your purchasing decisions at the BACCo. Bazaar (Saturday)

13. It’s Firefly burlesque at the Bell House, so you can finally see Kaylee the way you’ve always wanted to, you nerd. Pervert. Nervert (Saturday)

14. The NYC Cargo Bike Collective is having a good old fashioned benefit party, so give ’em five bucks and help us DESTROY ALL CARS (Saturday)

15. This is where the party ends, They Might Be Giants play the last Celebrate Brooklyn show of the summer. See you next year, beautiful free outdoor concerts (Saturday)

16. If you haven’t seen My Brooklyn, the documentary on the changes wrought on Dowtown Brooklyn and the Fulton Mall yet, you really should. And hey look, you can (Sunday)

17. It’s time once again to go on stage representing your single friend in a last ditch effort to get them a little touch at “Friends of Single People” (Sunday)

18. Canal Bar is showing the cult classic The Big Lebowski, the Coen brothers’ financial and award show disappointment that followed Fargo (Sunday)

19. Sure you could watch Breaking Bad at any of these many places in Brooklyn, but we got a screener of the last episode, and it turns out everyone you thought was dead isn’t, because they’ve been shooting each other with paintball guns the whole time (Sunday)

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