Brooklyn’s post-3rd Ward DIY community meets tonight at Brooklyn Brewery

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You can still lean to make stuff

Now that 3rd Ward has succumbed to terrible decisions and capitalism, people have been wondering what would happen to Brooklyn’s DIY and teaching community. Fortunately, some of those people didn’t want to just sit around asking that question, they decided they’d answer it, by getting the whole community in one place and talking about it. That place? The Brooklyn Brewery tonight, because alcohol as we all know, helps you form ideas.

Tonight at 7:30 at the Brooklyn’s Brewery’s Tasting Room, representatives from over a dozen Brooklyn teaching spaces and DIY organizations, including Brooklyn Brainery, Mellow Pages, The Silent Barn and CourseHorse are gathering for What’s Next? Creating Community. The night will involve speakers from the Brainery and CourseHorse explaining their efforts to support students and teachers, while other speakers will explain the how the Silent Barn effectively shares resources between members and couple of attorneys will be on hand to give tips on starting new businesses.

Along with the more structured speaking engagements, the representatives of the learning spaces, art spaces and the like will be pointed out so you can talk to them and connect without getting their names completely wrong. Because jeez, how embarrassing would that be?

What’s Next? Creating Community, tonight, 7:30pm, Brooklyn Brewery, 79 North 11th Street, Williamsburg, FREE

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