Brooklyn Flea moves to Park Slope, soon will be every BK flea market

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Guess what’s coming to Brooklyn

Miss the Saturday Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene? Don’t worry, you can always catch it in Williamsburg on Sunday. Miss it that day too? Well, you’re SOL, at least until Columbus Day, when finally, finally one of those Brooklyn Flea expansions we’ve been hearing about comes to Park Slope. Which, how did it ever take so long to end there in first place?

Yes that’s right, a third Brooklyn Flea outpost here in Brooklyn, and in the spiritual home of all that is precious and Bryce and Ashleigh. The market will be setting up Saturdays and Sundays at Park Slope’s PS 321 on 7th Avenue, in a spot where another flea market was held previously. This market will have about 40 vendors, which is smaller than the Fort Greene and Williamsburg markets, but makes sense, since it’s going to be in front of a school.

Of course, in replacing an existing flea market in Park Slope, we’ll just have to hope that the Brooklyn Flea doesn’t get any ideas about becoming “Big Flea.” If they try to start muscling out Brooklyn’s other flea markets, in attempt to become the Duane Reade or Chase bank of flea markets, it could be too late to stop them. Oh hey, looks like we’ve got our first problem for Mayor de Blasio to handle.

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  1. They only have 8 vendors and $15 tacos. The neighborhood (including myself) can’t even bare to step foot in there. The ousted a perfectly fine market operating out of that space for more than 25 years. Their ‘highly curated’ attribute went out the window after the first week when the high priced vendors couldn’t get top dollar and flew the coop for ft. Greene. Now they are soliciting for vendors just to make the rent. I don’t see where this is the ‘coolest market’ in all of Bk. They don’t need political intervention to stop them, they are quite capable of undoing themselves.

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