The next stop for the Brooklyn Flea: Washington, DC

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You’ll be able to find Mitch McConnell there, shopping for sad turtle figurines. via Salon

Washington, DC isn’t really thought of as a hipness capital, despite being the capital of God’s hippest country (America). But change is in the air: fresh off teaching the residents of Brooklyn’s little brother city how to be cool, the founders of the Brooklyn Flea are heading further down the I-95 corridor to start a spinoff version of their outdoor market in Washington, DC. Those clowns in Congress have done it again!

According to the Washington Post, the outdoor market will throw open its proverbial doors and teach DC how to be cool starting on September 14 and continuing for 6 more Saturdays after that. Unlike the Philly version, which was cruelly reminded that the Flea was a Brooklyn production by being called Brooklyn Flea Philadelphia, the DC version will simply be called the District Flea.

No word on what exactly you’ll be able to find there, aside from horrible jokes from Dana Milbank, but the market, located up the block from DC venue the 9:30 Club on a 37,000 square foot vacant lot, is still searching for vendors. So if you know anyone in DC who makes things, tell them to join the cool parade already and apply to be a vendor. As for the Flea’s next stop? We recommend St. Louis. We hear they’ve got hipsters there!

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