Philadelphia adorably getting its own Brooklyn Flea spinoff

Artist's rendition of Philadelphia being cool like Brooklyn
Artist’s rendition of Philadelphia being cool like Brooklyn. via Philly Mag

One of the great things about living in a city as self-involved and full of itself as New York is that when someone copies  us, we can act like older brothers and give them (verbal) noogies. Which I say having experience being an older brother, sorry younger siblings of America. So it is with great relish that we saw the news that Philadelphia, sixth borough and one of the many “next Brooklyn” cities out there, is getting it’s own version of the Brooklyn Flea in June. Which will still be called the Brooklyn Flea.

What will be at the Philadelphia version of the Brooklyn Flea, which will be called the Brooklyn Flea Philadelphia and nor the Philadelphia Flea because Brooklyn? Mostly the same kind of stuff you can find at the Brooklyn one, according to Philly Mag: local vendors hawking vintage, handmade and other non-Target goods to a crowd that is a mix of hungover and day drunk. Flea co-founder Jonathan Butler told the blog that a few of the Brooklyn Flea vendors will be heading down there as well, at least for the first edition. Philadelphia will also be able to enjoy Brooklyn foodstuffs like the Red Hook Lobster Pound and Grady’s Cold Brew while they approximate what they’ve been told is a thing that all the hip Brooklynites are doing.

Are we worried about Philly actually stealing some of our cred? Hardly. Martha Stewart visited the Brooklyn Flea a couple of years ago. The best that Philadelphians can hope for is that Buzz Bissinger shows up, sweaty and on the hunt for overpriced vintage leather.


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