Brooklyn Defender returns with gritty new reboot, free pint glasses

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Darker uniform means more Oscar nominations

You guys remember The Defender? Brooklyn Brewery’s own superhero/hyper-local beer? You probably don’t recognize him up there, since last time you saw him he had a glowing tap/staff and the look of a Golden Age-era namby-pamby hero who’s all good. But now crime (against beer) is running rampant and so is cynicism, so The Defender needs a gritty new Christopher Nolan style reboot.

So it’s out with the glowing staff, in with a tap handle that’s all black like the souls of the beer criminals he’s sworn to avenge. Because this version of the Defender lives in an age of suffering and that BWAAAAM music, the launch event for the beer is filled up. But he is still a hero on some level though, so at least there are nights where the Brooklyn Brewery will come to your favorite bar serving up the Defender in limited edition pint glasses you can take home. Provided of course, your favorite bar is:

– Barcade, at 5pm on September 24
– Pine Box Rock Shopat 8pm on October 1
– Owl Farm, at 7pm on October 7

So enjoy the beer if you can make it out on those nights, and hope that by next year’s reboot they aren’t going with more of a Zack Synder-esque design that’s all sound and fury and no substance.

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