Brooklyn Comics and More shuttering means cheap comics for you

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Brooklyn Comics in better days, when heroes did signings at the store. via Facebook

Selling comics is heroic business, what with lousy kids nowadays preferring to get their comic book superhero adventures from movies and not from actual comics. So that’s why it’s a bummer to hear that South Slope’s Brooklyn Comics and More is joining Galaxy Comics and throwing in the superhero cape and closing their doors at the end of the month. The good news, in this case, is that it means you can really add to your collection, because the store is having a massive sale before closing their doors.

The store’s owner is saying it’s not a matter of slow business, but that he has other more pressing personal matters that are causing him to take a hiatus once October ends. So who knows, maybe the shop will be back at some point. But about that massive sale. How massive are we talking? According to an email from the owner, try 40% to 60% off everything in the store, unless it’s specifically not marked as such. Plus, if you spend over $40 on some kind of comics buying binge, which seems likely, you can get an additional 10% off your purchase. So if there was any time to expose yourself to gamma radiation so you could get stronger and carry more stuff, it’d be now.

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