Navy Yard film school taking applications, is half the price of NYU

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If you went to school here, you’d be in class by now. Also you’d be late to class, hurry up! via Brooklyn College

Many moons ago, we told you all about how a graduate film program was coming to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and then fewer moons ago we told you about how the director of 21 Jump Street (the TV show) was going to be the president of said school. Now we can give you the most important piece of the news about the Navy Yard film school: They’re taking applications to be part of their inaugural class. Oh, and the Brooklyn College Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, as it’s known as, is also way way way cheaper than other film schools around the country. Plus you get the added bonus of staying in New York, which is a great place!

So, consider yourself a budding Spike Lee and one or even both Coen Brothers? Well you don’t have to deal with a really expensive NYU graduate school film education ($50,186 per year). Not when you can apply to Brooklyn College’s film school and if you get in, pay only $9,200 per semester, or $18,400 per year for an MFA in Fine Arts. Plus, while you’ll be saving money on tuition, you still get to go to a film school that exists on a working film lot, the only public grad school on a working film lot in fact.

Now, obviously if you want to go to film school but avoid the desert hellscape that is California, you’re curious. If you want in, you’ve got a few requirements you’ll have to get together. You need to fill out the application, get three recommendations, write a 12-to-15 page writing sample in which you show you can write critically about movies or television, send your resume and college transcripts and bring them a shrubbery. Nah, just kidding. Just a little movie humor for you, get it? What you DON’T need to do is take the GREs, so suck on that College Board. Anyway, get all that stuff together, stuff a $125 application fee check in there and send it all off by January 15, 2015, and then you wait to see if you get to be part of Brooklyn Graduate Film College: First Class.

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