Brooklyn Brewery eyeing expansion to the mysterious shores of Shaolin

brooklyn brewery
Garret Oliver making his best “Brooklyn Brewery ain’t nothin’ to fuck with” face. via Facebook

As we all know, Brooklyn Brewery has made a splash by expanding its operation to Sweden, where they love Brooklyn so much they named a bar after us. One expansion into foreign territory wasn’t enough for the brewery though, because according to Crain’s, Brooklyn Brewery is looking to expand their operations to the shores of Shaolin. Or as non-adherents to the Wu-Tang way call it, Staten Island.

And we do mean the shores, since according to Crain’s, the $70 million facility would be located on the western coast of the island, so as to provide the best access to New York and New Jersey ports. The main purpose of the facility will be to make Brooklyn Brewery beer for overseas markets, presumably freeing up the main location to focus more on supplying beer to Real America.

Of course, it’s yet to be seen how Brooklyn-enamored Frenchmen would react to finding out that their Brooklyn Brewery beer was in fact brewed and bottled in Staten Island, but they could probably be tricked into thinking that like Coney Island, it’s just part of Brooklyn. One thing is for certain: if the facility does go up, Brooklyn Brewery should celebrate with a new limited run IPA called Clowning Around.

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