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The Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival is back with more boozed up fun for just $20

Hang out with the rest of these beer and wine lovers, since you're one. via Tap + Cork
Hang out with the rest of these beer and wine lovers, since you’re one. via Tap + Cork

It used to be someone who made their whole life around the enjoyment of beer and wine was called “a drunk.” These days though, society has grown up, so now we call these people “snobs” or “Brooklynites,” and there are plenty of events that cater to their (your/our) tastes. One of the best events catering to lovers of beer and wine is the Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival, which is returning to the Bed-Stuy Restoration Plaza in August for a third straight year of a full day of sampling the best local beer and wine the borough has to offer. Or actually, two days this year, as there’s a first day that’s shrouded in secrecy.

The basics are the same as last year’s good times: $20 will get you the chance to wander around the Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival on August 15 with 15 tickets, each one good for 3 ounce pours of beer and wine. There’ll be 45 craft beers and wines available for sampling, and organizer Tai Allen told us you can expect offerings from the likes of Brooklyn, Braven, and Dyckman Brweries, as well as Crabbie’s Ginger Beer and wines courtesy of Brooklyn Cellars, Brooklyn Oenology and Therapy Wine Bar. And like last year, you’ll be drinking to a Bad Boys vs. Roc-A-Fella Records soundtrack courtesy of DJ CEO and pals. Choose your side wisely…

Like we said though, there’s that mysterious first day of the festival that’s been added. On August 14, there’ll be what organizers have called Tap Night Out, a bar crawl that organizers won’t reveal the route for until August. We even asked nicely and everything, but they wouldn’t tell us, so you’ll have to sign up for their mailing list. The organizers at least let us know that the Tap Night Out events would be free, so really you’re getting a bar crawl and a big sampling of beer and wine for just $20. There are worse ways to spend a weekend in August, we think.

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