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Someone actually from 11223 reviews Brooklyn 11223

Brooklyn 11223
Joey Lynn and Christie fight a lot.

When I was approached to write a review for Brooklyn 11223, the new reality series airing on the Oxygen channel tonight at 11, I was excited about the opportunity to give a true voice to the native Brooklynites who live in areas sitting below a 5 on the cool-o-meter that has come to represent BK. As a woman who hails from the 11223 world (Represent! Avenue X and East 2nd Street!), I find we are often regarded as gum-cracking, cawfee tawking, and generally obnoxious – and well, that kinda pisses me off. I cannot tell you how many times people ask me if I have mafia affiliations because I have a deep Brooklyn accent and because I am Italian. I’m not exaggerating here. It happens on a regular basis. That’s like asking an Irish person if they’re an alcoholic.

But I can tell you without an ounce of shame that the main cast members on Brooklyn, 11223 as well as their “crews” (This is a TV word, not a real Brooklyn word) are a fair representation of a neighborhood element, albeit a minor one. Bestest enemies Christie and Joey Lynn and their friends are a chain-smoking, beer chugging, cat-fighting, F-bomb dropping, tough-girl attitude having, extension wearing, drama-loving, fellatio providing pack of early twenties women, one trashier than the next. These caricatures ring true, but only to a point. Growing up in the area provided me with the opportunity to associate with such girls — and really — who hasn’t been kicked out of a bar by their neck in Bay Ridge once or twice in their teens or twenties? I know I have. But the producers of this show found them some hot messes. And the men that they run with? No. Just… no.

We’ve got two crews (never-going-to-get-used-to-this-word!), Joey Lynn’s and Christie’s. Once BFF4Ls, the two are now feuding because Joey Lynn may or may not have thrown Christie’s ex-boyfriend Roberto a party that may or may not have taken place in her mouth. Christie’s current way-too-cute and way-too-goo- for-her beau, Matthew, sits idly by as Christie cries and complains about this mysterious sex act which by the way may have happened another time prior to the time in question – except the prior rendezvous was not only sanctioned but also attended by Christie and one other mystery girl. Orgy over here? Holler.

Brooklyn 11223
Matthew, Christie and friends doing what they do best.

Two words: WHO CARES? Aside from the groups of girls that each of the stars surround themselves with, I cannot dream of anyone truly giving a crap about who did or didn’t fellate a faceless mcguffin. Unlike, say, The Jersey Shore, there’s only one conflict so far: whether or not there was a deceitful blow job. It barely carries an episode, let alone a series. Let’s hope there’s more.

Amid my favorite eye-rolling moments of the show are when we learn that Joey Lynn’s father was murdered by way of mob-order, the numerous appearances of twiggish girls talking about knocking peoples teeth out capped by the ever eloquent quote “I am full Italian – and I’m from Brooklyn – so I have no problem f*cking somebody up.” It’s moments like those that really get on my last nerve and give 11223 and the areas around it an undeserved bad rap.

Brooklyn 11223 was inspired by a Broadway revival of West Side Story; executive producer Michael Hirschorn said he created this show to see how that story might look today. He says that viewers may find themselves surprised by the “depth and complexity” of the cast members as they deal with “loyalty, friendship, and identity.” Let me save you some time: They’re 24 years old and have no idea of what loyalty is yet. Their friendships are based on talking crap behind each other’s backs. Their identities? Mind-numbingly naive train wrecks. So in that sense, he’s right: any depth and complexity in future episodes really will be a surprise.



  1. Magda Evangelou

    Very well said, this does give “Brooklyn girls” a bad rep. But im pretty sure there is alot of fake drama put in to spice it up from the producers to get more ratings. No drama equals low ratings. I know of a “reality show” “jerseylicious” a friend of mine was in and he was paid $1000 to be a bf in an episode ugh There is no such thing as 100% reality tv. I just feel bad in a few years some might regret what they signed up for. When there is a cast member that doesn’t provide any drama there so easily replaced.

  2. Robyn

    I still live in Brooklyn 11223. I figured I’d fill everyone in on what has really been happening here. The real big excitement happened a couple of weeks ago when the synagogue had it’s Purim festival. There were fliers up everywhere for weeks. Good Times!
    Oh and some sort of parade walked up Avenue V yesterday afternoon. My cats were terrified and hid under the couch. It was the most noise they’d ever heard in their life, poor things. Thankfully it passed within 2 minutes.

  3. Nikki-Jo

    Thanks all – Robyn: while I agree that there is a very limited amount of “action” in 11223, I’d prefer for us to remain anonymous then to have a show like this be our “face”. — The Ave V parade was prob from OLG’s basketball team. I heard they won. Big doin’s in Gravesend! ;)

  4. So, I watched it last night, and I actually sort of liked it.
    The good: Angelina (best character hands down); Angelina’s backyard pool; Christie’s ulcer-having, Joey Lynn-missing, brooding personality; the sage, Lurch-voiced bouncer.
    The bad: the all-too visible hand of producers in inflating the conflict beyond all realistic proportions. Jerry Springer-like trash talking scenes on the beach.
    A question: All the early 20s folks I know are trying to pull together some kind of semblance of a career / future. Why don’t these characters seem to have any goals or direction other than whipping up drama? Joey Lynn desperately wants to leave Brooklyn, as though it’s somehow impossible to escape. Has she heard of… Manhattan, where there are 1.6 million people who have no idea she blew Christie’s ex? Or didn’t?

  5. Jenn Levy

    Better or worse than Russian Dolls (last year’s reality show about Brighton Beach babes)?
    I’ll watch 11223 tonight with my crew (husband, three cats) at E. 2nd & Avenue U. REAL 11223.

  6. somatic1

    I agree with the author when she says “Let’s hope there’s more” in referencing the story line. So disappointed Brooklyn needs some better representation. I am from zip code 11224 but I went to school in the 11223 area and this show does it no justice. I really hope they don’t continue to tape episodes surrounding this bull, because it will not live to see another 2 episodes let alone a more than one season.

  7. This show is about 25 years to late. The real Bensonhurst 11223 should be about Chinese girls. The are more Italians in Wisconsin than in the 11223 area.

  8. mrs.thang

    I haven’t been able to watch this show but I really want too. I don’t have any new reality shows to watch. Based off the previews, it has a lot of drama and I love that. My co-worker at DISH told me she watched it and it was a lot of he-said, she-said stuff about a drunken night. I can’t wait to watch it when I get home. Good thing I have DISH Online so I can watch all my shows on my computer.

  9. Queen of the Click

    The show doesn’t even warrant this much chatter on the web. But since I live in Brooklyn I will comment about it.

    The girls make themselves look bad – real bad.

    I haven’t watched too much of the series, but Michael Hirschorn needs to go back to school because it isn’t anything like West Side Story. The show is a spin on Jersey Shore only cheesier and with less good looking people.

    I don’t know why Bay Ridge is referenced in the show as 11223 has never been Bay Ridge. The area after Bay Ridge had a large Italian population years ago and everyone has heard that popular statement “I am full Italian – and I’m from Brooklyn….blah blah blah.”

    I’m surprised the Oxygen Channel would waste their time promoting a show like this.

  10. mariam from OT 613.

    Can I just say that as a Canadian woman of a specific origin I am DEEPLY offended that people KEEP stereotyping a beautiful culture and portraying it in a mortifying, trashy and embarrassing manner. Since the Jersey Shore kicked off, I envy every educated, strong, classy and grounded dignified Italian person who resides in our society who does wish to affiliate themselves with this fabricated typecast.

    This show on the other hand snatches the cake away from the Jersey Shore. At least the Jersey cast was entertaining and brought unique and memorable attributes to the table that are widely utilized and recognized in today’s entertainment mainstream now…the train wrecked girls on Brooklyn (insert some zip code here) are a pathetic example of how young women behave in society. Nobody CARES about your immature delinquent romance, your lies, conflicting stories and scripted tears. Stop embarrassing yourself…The ONLY humorous part of the show was when that mechanic referred to the main girl as a parakeet and what’s up with her teeth anyway? why wouldn’t you fix that shit before making your television debut?

    The pre-rehearsed beach fight? And don’t you LOVE how the guedettes ordered the poor black girl and the Muslim who only yearn to seek acceptance to handle bidness because none of the so called “tough Italian” girls conjured up the balls to do it themselves! That made me LAUGH.

    Growing up I always had this image in my head of Brooklyn that was created by beautiful moguls like Jlo and Jay Z and NOW, I am SOOOO glad that I am Canadian. I wouldn’t step foot near that trash hole if my life depended on it. Ya’ll ain’t G so stop frontin because last night’s episode was a pure reflection of how Brooklyn’s common population is, and it’s disgusting.

    I will never watch this show again, I think my IQ plummeted some 50 points by the end of last night’s episode. If you’re going to make a show consisting of mindless scripted semantics, at least use pretty girls, like they did on the Hills ahahah…I would pistol whip those girls so bad if they ever even talked to me in that tone (refer to beach scene)…and that’s what you call beef…what I saw last night on the other hand, is an insult to strong, educated young woman of any kind. I say the show was a fail. I cannot IMAGINE an entire season of this. Lord save us all.

    • jessicabella

      Ummm Mariam??…I am Italian living in Canada also.
      However. Your post was ignorant and disgusting. First of all JLo is from the BRONX. Second of all your ignorance comes to light when you said Quote:
      Growing up I always had this image in my head of Brooklyn that was created by beautiful moguls like Jlo and Jay Z and NOW, I am SOOOO glad that I am Canadian. I wouldn’t step foot near that trash hole if my life depended on it. Ya’ll ain’t G so stop frontin because last night’s episode was a pure reflection of how Brooklyn’s common population is, and it’s disgusting.

      Are u G? Seriously. When u wanna be disgusting please do the universe a favor and do not identify yourself as Italian or Canadian. And the teeth. Comment? Really? They don’t have coverage for health like we have been blessed with. So thank God rather than be ignorant to a person.

  11. what happend to this show? i actuly liked this show its diffrent from other reality shows this one made since it kinda had a plot too…i wish it would come back…sorry about my spelling…i have autism…

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