Brokelyn #Girlsweek kicks off with the return of ‘Girls’ (which you can watch free online)

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When editor Dave’s away, the girls will play. Dave is also my housemate—I know, live-in Brokelyn, can you imagine?—so it’s also girls week, except without the sanctioned hash tag, at my crib. I’m blasting pump-up girly jams instead of his garden variety garage rock, that I sing my own personalized lyrics to, like Robyn (“I keep writing on my own!”) and M.I.A. (“Blog fast die young broke girls do it well”). All I know is, this week, I’m gonna be the one falling asleep on the couch in front of the laptop (it’s called mac-elepsy), dammit, like the blogging soldier I am inside, now fully realized.

My co-guest-editor for the week, Camille, isn’t over here lounging with me in the Dave-free zone, but every now and then we call each other to check in, “Sup, girl? #Girlsweek” and then hang up. My two girl roommates and I, plus my girl dog, are celebrating our temporary liberation from the masculine gaze by peeing with the door open, not wearing pants (actually we’ve had a pretty open no-pants policy since move-in) syncing up our periods, and other girl stuff—like last night, watching the proper noun version of our sex, “Girls,” season 3 premiere, using ___’s account on HBOGo. Actually I watched it alone in bed with my dog, but it’s nice to mythologize us all huddled together on the shoddy futon, watching the feckless foursome fuck it up and then some. But if you don’t have either, HBO just posted both episodes online for free. 

If you didn’t feel like trekking to Manhattan last night to watch it, or weren’t savvy enough to scheme a viewing, HBO was generous enough to post the two-part season 3 premiere on YouTube at 10 a.m. today so you can peep it for free. Finally, a network that understands millenials!

I don’t have too much time to talk about “Girls” because I have my own lowercase-girl life to lead, but I want to say that in last night’s two-part episode, of the plethora of girl characters with whom to identify, ironically, it was man-child Adam who best captured my ambivalent feelings about the show: reluctant, but committed nonetheless. In part 1, “Females Only,” Adam balks at having to be present for a dinner party with Shosh and Marnie, telling Hannah, “I don’t hate your friends, I’m just not interested in anything they have to say.” Yet, when the two arrive, Marnie fragile from her break-up with Charlie, and Shosh newly fearless from ending things with Ray and still inane as ever, Adam not only tolerates them, but gives Marnie a really heartfelt pep talk about love and intimacy. In Part 2, “Truth or Dare,” Adam drives Hannah and Shosh to pick up Jessa from rehab in Woodstock, NY, although he knows better, saying things like “That’s bullshit, you’re not doing her any good by taking her out of rehab,” and when Hannah complains the road trip is boring, he says, “Boredom is bullshit, boredom is for lazy people with no imagination.” Yet near the end of the episode he tells Shoshannah, “(Hannah) She’s my best friend.”

What do you guys think about Adam as the voice of reason? While you’re waiting for your folks’ login info, follow #girlsweek here—-lowercase, but hey, still hashtagged.

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