Skee love! Win tickets to the biggest skee-ball tournament ever

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Could you be the next skee-lebrity?

We’ve documented our love for Full Circle Bar many times already. Not only are they cool dudes, they’re liberal with the freebies: two nights a week you can play skeeball for free and get a free hot dog or pretzel with every beer; one night a month they even host an open bar for locals. Now the boardwalk-game-loving folks behind the bar and are gearing up for their biggest event yet: the Brewskee-ball National Championship (aka The BEEB) on May 26 and 27, which will feature skeeball competitors from all over the country vying for the coveted World Mug. But this year they’re blowing out the tournament with a whole weekend-long festival of events, games and prizes, including Candemonium deals on canned beers, a koozie crane game, special five-hole cornhole, attempts at setting world records free bloody marys, and, of course, lots of SKEE-BALL!

Brokelyn will be there with a booth in the special Extra Positive Land that will be set up inside The Knitting Factory along with other fun folks; we’ll be giving away a prize to the winner of the five-hole cornhole tournament too. But you can join us for free: we’ve got two all-access High Roller passes to give away (a $60 value)! Find out how to enter below:

TO ENTER: If you’ve never been to a skee-ball event before, know that every team uses some sort of skee-ball or brewskee-ball pun in their name. Examples include: Ain’t Nothin’ But a Skee Thing, Big Lebowskees, Brewper Scoopers, Flock of Skeegulls, etc etc. So give us your best skeeball team name in the comments (make sure to register so we can contact you). We’ll pick a winner by 5pm on Thursday, May 17.

Bonus: Even if you don’t win, we’ve got a special discount code to share with Brokelyn readers. We’ll release it on Facebook sometime in the next week, so make sure to hit that like button!

Brewskee-ball National Championship: May 25-26, Full Circle Bar and The Knitting Factory, Williamsburg.

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  1. Let it Skee
    Skee are the Champions
    Skee Will Rock You
    Skee’s Company
    And the Skee Goes On
    And your bird can Skee
    Skeesy Like Sunday Mornin
    Skee Fallin

  2. “Oh Say Can You Skee”
    “Notorious S.K.E (E)”
    “Starskee and Hutch” (a two man team, obvi)

  3. Skeesus Christ Superstar
    Balls Deep
    Awwww, Skee, skeet!
    Skee you next Tuesday
    The skee stooges
    nice to skeet you

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