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Bar of the Week: Score big at Full Circle

This is the 25th in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week we spotlight a Beer Book newcomer, the Full Circle Bar, the national home of Brewskee Ball.

318 Grand St., Williamsburg

What it is: A comfy, sometimes-rowdy bar that hits the note between awesome basement and funky Williamsburg casual.

Why we love it: Yes, the Skee Ball is a major draw; as are the enthusiastic owners/bartenders who won’t make you feel bad if your form is off (and will show you their time-honored tricks of the game). Throw in free-games-and-hot-dog happy hours (until 10, Tuesdays and Thursdays), a beer menu of more than 60 cans, and cheap margaritas and this bar becomes a worthy escape from the boredom of humdrum adulthood.

Who to bring: Fun-loving dates, high-fivers, beer adventurers, loud pals who like to tell jokes and roll balls

What to order: Besides cruising the extensive can collection, there are excellent tequila deals plus standard amusement park fare like hot dogs and pretzels ($4 with a Ginny’s Cream Ale).

Full Circle fun fact: The pun-heavy crew (serving up “whiskee” and “brewmosas”) named the bar after the Brewskee-Ball league’s term for a Perfect Roll: sinking all 9 balls into the 40-point bull’s eye (thus, a Full Circle is 360 points).

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