Robert Cornegy: A friend to mothers. via Facebook

Just call him the anti-Hot Bird.

While the Clinton Hill bar got some press this week for telling parents to pack up their kids and leave, Bed-Stuy City Councilman Robert Cornegy is making waves in the parenting world with the opposite tack. He’s opened Brooklyn’s first “community lactation station,” for mother who are out and about and need to pop in to feed their kids. Expect him to really milk this one when he’s up for re-election.

The Daily News had the story of the borough’s first breastfeeding bar, and the jubilant reactions from moms in Corengy’s district. More than just a room in Cornegy’s fifth floor office at the Bed-Stuy Restoration Plaza, the lactation station contains comfortable chairs to sit in, a breast pump and even a fridge to store breast milk in.

Cornegy said he wanted to give mothers a safe and clean space to breastfeed, and at least one woman quoted in the story mentioned that it would be nice to have somewhere to feed her baby where she wouldn’t be gawked at by strangers. Whether or not other City Council reps follow Cornegy’s lead and open their own lactation stations is yet to be seen, but obviously if any of you out there want to leak us any information on it, we’re always hungry for news.

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