Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Boobie Trap owners open party pizza joint across the street

These guys are glad to hear it.
These guys are glad to hear it.

You already know how we feel about Boobie Trap, the breast and board game-filled bar that calls Bushwick home: we love it. You also probably know how we feel about pizza: that we love it. We weren’t expecting our two loves to be slammed together into one great taste, but today DNA Info reports that Boobie Trap opened up a pizza joint across the street from their bar called Pizza Party, so lo and behold, our love grows more and more.

True to its party name, Pizza Party has party touches, like a place to hang your skateboards, a closing time of 4am, leopard-print booths and plans for a brunch special that will come with Gatorade and an aspirin. What about the pizza though, what’s the deal with that? All of it is made in a coal-fired oven, and comes in both vegan and real editions, and if you insist, the pizza can even be made with gluten-free dough. However you take your pizza, lord knows you’ll be entertained there, with action figures scattered around and a Super Mario mural outside the bathroom. Think of it as a place you can take your family, before ditching them to drink and stare at boobs across the street.

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