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Blue Bottle Coffee is bringing California style coffee to Bushwick

Just what Bushwick needs, California coffee. Image via Blue Bottle Coffee
Just what Bushwick needs, California coffee. Image via Blue Bottle Coffee

Whenever we think of California, we think of certain things: the abomination that is the”Entourage” movie; the Tupac and Dr. Dre “California Love” video and we guess palm trees. What we don’t really associate California with is coffee, because coffee is an East Coast thing. However, a roasting company in Oakland (a.k.a San Francisco’s New Jersey) is serious about coffee. So much so that they have made their mark here, in Brooklyn. Blue Bottle Coffee has two very popular locations in Brooklyn, one in Boerum Hill and one in Williamsburg. And now, according to Gothamist, Blue Bottle Coffee is opening another shop in Bushwick.

In the Gothamist report, the newest Blue Bottle locations will be on 279 McKinnon Street and is a “15,800-square-foot warehouse”, that will be used as a “cafe, coffee roasting facility and bakery.” Whenever we go to Blue Ribbon, we normally see lines that go past the door, with all this space, hopefully while waiting 20 minutes for coffee, we won’t burn to death during the summer. I won’t just be coffee there, they will be working along with San Francisco (Oakland’s New York City) Tartine, with the space being the first outpost for their very popular (and delicious) Bay Area bread.

So does Bushwick really need another coffee shop? Probably not, but on the bright side, this place will have fresh Bay Area Bread. Get ready to start waiting in line.

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