Think you know black history? Prove it!

How much do you really know about Black History Month? Photo via Flickr's Eric Schwartz.

It’s a sad state of affairs that lots of school children never get deeper into Black History Month than the usual stories of Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington Carver and Rosa Parks. Fans of more in-depth¬†historical knowledge should head over to Bar Sepia on Feb. 15 for the 2012 Black History Bowl. You shouldn’t expect five rounds of questions about the stuff in your public school catalog (pamphlet?) of black figures, because this goes beyond the poster on your school wall. The winners will lay claim to an engraved Black History Cup, perfect for toasting to Haiti, the only Caribbean island to successfully win their independence from their colonizers (some free trivia for you!). So grab three friends, and celebrate BHM in style. It also wouldn’t hurt to show that your brain isn’t just used to store knowledge of 90s hair bands and European flags.

Bar Sepia, 234 Underhill Ave., Prospect Heights. Trivia starts 8:30pm on Feb. 15.

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