BK’s crappy dive bar bathrooms turned into Dive Art in new video

dive art

Most people go into bar bathrooms for only three purposes: having sex, doing coke or actually answering nature’s call. And sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you do the first two options together. But it turns out there’s a fourth reason to go into a bar bathroom: to see art. Or at least two videographers managed to make it seem like Brooklyn’s dive bar bathrooms are lovely art exhibits as well as places to pee, in their video Dive Art. Between this and ToiletFinder, clearly toilets are New York’s new booming industry. Typical de Blasio’s New York.

DIVE ART – Brooklyn Bathroom Graffiti from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

Dive Art was made by Brandon Bloch and Tim Sessler, and was inspired by Ian MacAllen’s Toilets of New York Tumblr. For the video, Bloch and Sessler went to bathrooms around Brooklyn, including Anchored Inn, The Gutter and the Bushwick Country Club. Instead of just taking the video of the bathrooms as they were, the pair managed to wring the beauty out of them. Of course, aside from that, the video also shows that people haveĀ a lot to say when they go into bar bathrooms. Probably stems from the coke people just did and them consequently feeling so damn smart.

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