Golden opportunity: Get paid to pee by ToiletFinder

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Don’t flush away this opportunity, get out there and show you’re number one. via Flickr user *Bitch Cakes*

Is your MFA degree worth shit?  Feel like you flushed $200,000 in tuition down the toilet? Urine for a treat! Your chance to earn it back by writing professionally has arrived. Ever peed on a porcelain throne so luxurious you just wanted to hang out for a bit, perhaps live tweet the experience?  Have a rant against the toilet-paper encrusted floor at your local taco place? ToiletFinder, a new app from Williamsburg resident and web architect Michael Li, is launching as a user-based review site (think Yelp for bathrooms) that logs bathrooms based on proximity to your current location along with a star rating, and he’s looking for a paid copywriter.

Before the app can be fully effective, Columbia graduate Li is calling on professional (or semi-professional writers) to write about what they already do: go to the bathroom. Users sign up anonymously, so you don’t have to flaunt your potty humor to your in-laws stalking you on Facebook.

Unlike the distopyian musical Urinetown where you have to pay to pee, this is a utopian reverse: get paid to pee!  Li is looking for ambitious writers with college degrees who have no problem trekking into the bathrooms that are far and wide in the city limits. Just go sign up for a profile at the site, and start reviewing bathrooms accessible to the public that haven’t been handled yet. If you can plunge the depths of humor and not paper over the potty’s pros and cons, Li claims he’ll give you $20 just for a review that makes him laugh. At the end of his open call, Li will pick one person to be the site’s official copywiter at $100/day, plus a slice of the site’s Google Adsense revenue. That’s a lot of lattes you can turn into cash, make cash, repeat.

“I really was not expecting the overwhelming response that I have received since publishing my ad on Craigslist,” Li said in an email.  Looks like crappy times for writers have their benefits—especially to those in the social networking toilet industry!

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